Candy Green Box Chevy (Caprice Classic) on 24in Gold Daytons and Vogues

What is a Box Chevy?

What is a Box Chevy?

With Box Chevy and G-body News we aim to give you real information from people actually in this form of car customizing.  

A Box Chevy is a 1977 to 1990 Chevrolet Caprice Classic.  They came in various styles.  The two-door version had two trim levels, the highest being the Landau. 

Box Chevy Landau on 24in Daytons

In the four-door version you had your pick of no top (Baldhead), full top Brougham (Full Head), and the rarest of them all the quarter top Brougham LS Caprice. 

Box Chevy Caprice Classic LS Brougham on 26s

There were also station wagons and some Caprice Classic limousines.  This era of Chevrolet got it's name from the general shape of the car.  The look of it It is actually kind of boxy.  This is how they got there nick name "Box Chevy".

Box Chevy Caprice Classic Baldhead stock

Box Chevys are loved by all kinds of different car enthusiasts, from bone stock lovers, Lowriders, and the Big Wheel culture.  These cars came with a few different engine options.  You had the 4.3L v6, 305 v8, and the popular 350 v8.

Box Chevy Caprice Classic Baldhead on 32s King slime32

In recent years the price point of these cars has went up due to the scarcity of them and a rise in there popularity.  Now a clean unmolested Caprice Classic can easily fetch $10,000.  In the early 2000s the same car would cost $2,500.

1987 Chevy Caprice Landau Lowrider on 13s

Whichever kind of category you fit in, be it Lowrider, stock, or Big Wheel we all can appreciate the joy of riding in our Box Chevys.

 Box Chevy By Rick Ross